On 26 April 1986 the reactor N4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station blew up during a routine maintenance operation. Nearly nine tons of radioactive materials, 90 times as much as the Hiroshima bomb, were hurled into the sky. Almost three decades dead zone around Chernobyl stays closed and only special tour groups are allowed to enter the site of the devastating nuclear disaster situated just 110 km North of Kiev.

Chernobyl full day Tour inside the 30 km secure zone gives unique opportunity:

to see the remains of the Nuclear Power Station and visit nearby city of Pripyat where some apartments still bear witness to disaster in which over 50,000 residents were made to leave their homes. You will see abandoned schools, houses and feel the silence of the ghost town. Stop near “Red Forest” back-grounding by crackling sounds of Geiger counters and meet local re-settlers who moved back to their native village of Opachychi after evacuation.

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