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Arktur’s Team serves frequently different Meetings in Ukraine & Worldwide.

Meeting is an act or process of coming together as an assembly for a common purpose. Meetings may occur face to face or virtually, as mediated by communications technology, such as a telephone conference call, a skyped conference call or a videoconference.

Types of Meetings ARKTUR usually serves:

  • Ad hoc meeting, a meeting called for a special purpose;
  • Board meeting, a meeting of the Board of directors of an organization;
  • Kickoff meeting, the first meeting with the project team and the client of the project to discuss the role of each team member;
  • Management meeting, a meeting among managers;
  • One-on-one meeting, between two individuals;
  • Pre-Bid meeting, a meeting of various competitors and or contractors to visually inspect a jobsite for a future project;
  • Staff meeting, typically a meeting between a manager and those that report to the manager;
  • Team meeting, a meeting among colleagues working on various aspects of a team project;
  • Work meeting, which produces a product or intangible result such as a decision.

 Meetings for Companies handled by ARKTUR:

Dtek Annual DTEK Supervisory Board Session in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Efes-Pilsen Efes Pilsen | 700 pax dealers meeting 
Opet Opet | 250 pax dealers meeting i
Mutlu Aku Mutlu Aku | 400 pax dealers meeting 

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